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Problem Report

If you have a technical problem, a bug report or another technical issue that you would like us to help you, please fill out the following form. Our support personnel will contact you shortly.

Note: The asterisk (*) denotes the required fields.

*Which product are you inquiring about?


*Version number

(#.#.# or #.#), can be found in the About menu or on the splashscreen of the application. If a version number is not listed, enter "1.0"

Build number

4 digits, can be found in the About menu or on the splashscreen of the application (some products do not have a build number).

*Serial number

Important: do NOT include the product number (sometimes labeled s/n) that is shown in the About menu. Instead, look up your original purchase receipt and tell us the serial number included there. Usually, the serial number consists of 24 letters and digits.

*Operating system

Name and version number on which you are running the product.

*Operating system version

The exact version of your operating system. On Mac, click on the Apple menu and choose About this Mac, and on Windows, open Windows Explorer, click on Help and choose About Windows. Please indicate if you use a 64-bit version.

*Operating system language

The language version of your operating system.

*Tell us in general what the inquiry is about


Describe the problem details

  • Be as complete and as precise as possible.
  • Write exactly, step-by-step, the sequence that causes the problem.
  • If any error messages appear, include the exact text of the error message (do not just write "An error message appears").
  • If you're using particular applications or printers, tell us exactly the name and version number.
  • If you're having a problem with a font, tell us the name, the version number and the font format.
  • Describe what exactly you expect to happen, and what happens instead. Do not just write "Does not work".


Additional materials

Include one .zip file containing all the files in question. Please include the .vfb or .fog source files as well as the the original real fonts and the generated/modified real fonts. Also include screenshots illustrating the problem. If you're using FontLab Studio or TypeTool 3, go to Options or Preferences and use the Save button to export your settings into a file that also should be included. Only attach one single .zip file (not .sit or .sitx or .rar etc.). If the size of the ZIP file is less than 2 MB , include it here.

If the size of the ZIP file is more than 2 MB, please upload the file to some webserver and tell us the location of the file in the description field above.

*Your full name

*Your e-mail address

Make sure the e-mail address is correct, otherwise we will not be able to contact you!


Tell us the priority of the issue.

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Note that all information and file submissions will be treated confidentially by the Fontlab Ltd. team. After you click on "Send", you may receive a confirmation e-mail with additional instructions.