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FontLab Studio Specifications

Imports fonts with up to 65,535 glyphs as OpenType PS (.otf), Win TrueType / OpenType TT (.ttf), Win Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm/.afm), ASCII/Unix Type 1 (.pfa + .afm), Mac Type 1 (LWFN as .hqx, .bin), Mac TrueType (.dfont or FFIL as .hqx, .bin), TrueType AAT (.ttf, .dfont), Win Multiple Master (.pfb + .mmm), FontLab 2.5 (.vfa), FontLab 3.0-4.6/TypeTool/AsiaFont Studio/ScanFont/FontLab Studio (.vfb), Ikarus (.ik), BDF Bitmap (.bdf). Also imports glyphs as Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS (.ai, .eps), TIFF, BMP.

Exports fonts with up to 65,535 glyphs in FLS 5.1/5.2 as OpenType PS (.otf), Win TrueType / OpenType TT (.ttf), Win Type 1 (.pfb + .pfm/.afm), ASCII/Unix Type 1 (.pfa + .afm), Win Multiple Master (.pfb + .mmm), FontLab 3.0-4.6/TypeTool/AsiaFont Studio/ScanFont/TransType/FontLab Studio/Fontographer 5 (.vfb). Also exports glyphs as Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS (.ai + .eps), TIFF, BMP. Mac version also exports Mac Type 1 (LWFN), Mac TrueType (.dfont or FFIL), Mac Multiple Master.


Tools: Draw, Erase, VectorPaint, Mirror, Composite, Set Startpoint, Interpolate, Envelope, Remove Overlap, Merge Contours, Subtract Contours, Snap to Guides, Check Connections, Nodes at Extremes, Meter, TrueType and Type 1 manual hinting (with Flex), Undo (100+ levels), Sketch, Knife, Magic Wand, Rotate, Skew, Scale, Intersect Contours

Filters: Actions: Bold, Outline, Sidebearings Control, Scale, Slant, Rotate, Autohint etc. Python-based filters: Digital, Shadow, Bevel, Drops, Slices, Mosaic. All filters can be applied on one or many glyphs. Actions can be also applied on multiple fonts at a time.

Windows: Document Windows: Font, Glyph, Metrics; Dockable panels: Fonts, Preview/OpenType Sample/Anchors, OpenType, Class, Edit Macro, Output; Other panels: Font Map, Transformation, Editing Layers, Properties

Encoding: Unicode (up to 6.0), Custom, ANSI, ASCII, and virtually all known codepages and encodings, Chinese, Japanese and Korean double-byte codepages. FLS 5.1 included new OpenType-compatible encodings.

Printouts: Font Table, Glyph List, Font Sample, Font Waterfall, Glyph Sample, Glyph Waterfall, Kerning Table, Quick Test

900+-page manual

Hardware requirements: 64MB RAM, SVGA Monitor, Mouse

Software requirements:

See also our installation/release notes.

For version 5.2.2 for Windows: Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8, 32-bit or 64-bit)/10, 32-bit or 64-bit). Windows XP SP2 or better with Python 2.7 recommended.

For version 5.1.5 for Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.5+. (Version 5.0.4 for Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4 is still available upon request). Not Retina-savvy, but runs in lower res under Retina mode.

Multi-seat licenses available for RLM or Keyserver license servers.

60 day money-back guarantee