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DTL OTMaster 2.3

Oct 2010: OTMaster technical OpenType font editor available

DTL OTMaster 2.3 available on fontlab.com

Technical font viewer and editor for examining, editing and fixing of OpenType and TrueType fonts.

For Immediate Release
October 2010

Contact: Ted Harrison
Fontlab Ltd.
403 S.Lincoln, Port Angeles WA 98362, USA
Tel: +1 (509) 272-3260 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            +1 (509) 272-3260      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
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Fontlab Ltd. announces the availability of DTL OTMaster 2.3 for Mac OS X and Windows on fontlab.com, the leading online store for font-related software products.

Developed by Dutch Type Library (The Netherlands) and URW++ (Germany), DTL OTMaster is a technical font viewer and editor that allows in-depth examination and fine low-level tuning of any OpenType font, TrueType font or TrueType font collection. Because of its non-invasive nature, DTL OTMaster allows type designers and font developers to make small modifications to any parts of an .otf or .ttf font without changing other aspects of the font. It can also serve as an excellent font quality assurance tool. Professional font users will benefit from OTMaster?s ability to examine the fonts? inner structures, and to fix some common technical problems. Software vendors and developers will find DTL OTMaster an indispensable tool that will aid their globalization and internationalization efforts.

?The OpenType font format, and its sibling, the Open Font Format ISO/IEC 14496-22, are the most popular, cross-platform formats for digital outline fonts today. An OpenType font file consists of a collection of tables. These binary data structures are intended to be processed by computers, but are not very readable to humans. DTL OTMaster reveals the contents of any OpenType font table in a friendly graphical user interface. It allows the user to examine and modify the contents of these tables without the need to rebuild the font from sources,? said Adam Twardoch, Fontlab Ltd.?s product and marketing manager.

?The inner structure of fonts, in particular those that support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic or Indic scripts, can be quite complex. Typical font editors convert a font into an intermediate format, and then convert it again when the modified version is exported. During this process, some crucial aspects of the font may become ?lost in translation?. DTL OTMaster performs precision font surgery ? it changes only those parts of the font that it needs to change,? Twardoch continued.

Ted Harrison, President of Fontlab Ltd., added: ?OTMaster allows the user to graphically examine, copy and edit font glyphs, OpenType Layout features, and kerning. It can also help users address common problems such as inconsistent linespacing across operating systems or inadequate screen antialiasing settings. Finally, it can be used to add custom symbols or company logos to fonts.?

Harrison went on to say: ?We are thrilled to add DTL OTMaster to our product offering on fontlab.com. This release marks the beginning of our collaboration with Dutch Type Library and URW++. Dutch Type Library is renowned for their excellent high-quality DTL typefaces, while URW++ pioneered the field of font technology in 1975 with the development of Ikarus, the world?s first digital outline font editor, and has continued to develop high-quality fonts and font-related products ever since. On the other hand, Fontlab Ltd. is the home of FontLab Studio, Fontographer, TypeTool and TransType, which today rank amongst the most popular font-related products worldwide. We believe that our combined expertise will contribute to improving the overall quality of fonts and typography, and we are looking forward to further collaboration with DTL and URW++.?

DTL OTMaster for Mac OS X and Windows is available now at Fontlab Ltd.?s fontlab.com website. The suggested retail price is EUR 255.

More information is available at:

About Fontlab Ltd.
Fontlab Ltd. has stayed at the forefront of digital font management by remaining devoted to developing font editors and typography products. Their full line of products is dedicated to solving the most complex typography issues. These products include: AsiaFont Studio?, BitFonter?, FogLamp?, FontLab?, FontLab? Studio, Fontographer?, Photofont?, ScanFont?, TypeTool?, TransType?, FontFlasher?, FONmaker?, SigMaker? and CompoCompiler?. All products from Fontlab Ltd. carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. More information on all Fontlab products can be seen at www.fontlab.com.

About Dutch Type Library and URW++
The Dutch Type Library, known for the highly exclusive DTL? typefaces since 1990, and the Germany based company URW++ Design & Development GmbH, pioneers in the field of font technology development since the early 1970s, together develop designers tools for professional font production. Their products include: DTL FontMaster?, DTL BezierMaster, DTL IkarusMaster, DTL TraceMaster, DTL BlendMaster, DTL KernMaster, DTL ContourMaster, DTL LetterModeller, DTL OTMaster. Dutch Type Library, DTL, DTL FontMaster are trademarks of the Dutch Type Library. URW++ is a registered trademark of URW++ Design & Development GmbH. More information on all DTL products can be seen at www.fonttools.org.