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FontLab has both paid version upgrades and free updates to our products, as listed below.

Please note that all submissions for paid ugprades are verified. You must provide a valid registered user name and serial number to get an update or upgrade.  Please also note that only intra-version updates are free. For version upgrades please use the version upgrade order form at the bottom of the page. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for this form to work.



Free updates: direct download

The following installers (usable for fresh install or free update) can be downloaded directly.

Free update from product

Use Installer for


Mac OS products

FontLab VI (Mac)

Download FontLab VI (Mac)

FontLab Studio 5.x (Mac)

Get download link for FontLab Studio (Mac)


Fontographer 5.x (Mac)

Download Fontographer (Mac)


TransType 4.x (Mac)

Download TransType 4.0.1 (Mac)


TypeTool 3.x (Mac)

Get download link for TypeTool (Mac)


BitFonter 3.x (Mac)

Get download link for BitFonter (Mac)


ScanFont 5.x (Mac)

Get download link for ScanFont (Mac)


Windows products


FontLab VI (Windows 32-bit)

Download FontLab VI (Windows 32-bit)

FontLab VI (Windows 64-bit)

Download FontLab VI (Windows 64-bit)

FontLab Studio 5.x (Win)

Get download link for FontLab Studio (Win)

Fontographer 5.x (Win)

Download Fontographer (Win)


TypeTool 3.x (Win)

Get download link for TypeTool (Win)


TransType 4.z (Win)

Download TransType 4.0.1 (Win)


Free updates: request form

The following free updates require a form. Select an update option for a product that you own, and scroll down to the upgrade form below.

Free update from product

to product


Mac OS products

OTMaster 2.3 (Mac)

OTMaster 2.4 (Mac)


Photofont WebReady 1.0 (Mac)

Photofont WebReady 1.0.1 (Mac)


TransType 2.x/SE (Mac)

TransType Pro 3.1.1 (Mac)


Windows products

OTMaster 2.3 (Win)

OTMaster 2.4 (Win)


TransType 2.x/SE (Win)

TransType SE 2.5.1 (Win)


TransType Pro 3.0.x (Win)

TransType Pro 3.0.2 (Win)


Version number of your current software:   

(On the splash screen or in Help/About)

Software is registered to (full name):

Registered licensee's email address:

Serial number:

Special instructions or information:

Security Text:

Can't read the security text?
Click here to generate a new one.

Enter the security text displayed above (case sensitive):


Paid upgrades: request form

Our regular paid upgrade form is temporarily unavailable while we perform store maintenance.

During this time, to do any paid upgrade, including to OTMaster 5, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your previous app platform, version and serial number. Note that upgrades from OTM 1/2/3 are US $60. Upgrades from OTMaster 3.7 are only US $9.