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Fontographer Support and Future

Customer Support

Serial Number and Download Problems. If your serial number doesn't work or you are having a problem downloading the Fontographer installation file then please contact our order department and they'll sort it out for you.

Technical Problems. If you're having difficulty getting Fontographer installed; if it crashes your system; or if it's exhibiting bizarre behavior then please send a support ticket to us. At the support page you'll fill in details about your system and setup to give our support experts the background information they needs. If there is an error message or window please take a screen shot of it and submit it along with the ticket. If it's a particular font that's causing the problem then please send that along too.

The History and the Future

What was the first Bezier drawing program for Macintosh computers? Fontographer, created by Altsys in 1985. That?s two years before Adobe Illustrator and three years before Freehand. As Sandee Cohen of CreativePro.com writes, "Fontographer has a key place in the early history of Macintosh graphics software."

In the 1990s, Altsys merged with Macromedia. In 1996, Macromedia released Fontographer 4.1.4 for Mac, the last official version of the Fontographer product for Mac. The development of the product went on hold.

In May 2005, Fontlab Ltd. acquired Fontographer from Macromedia and made the promise to its users to make the product compatible with Mac OS X and fix the most crucial bugs.

Just two months after taking over Fontographer, in July 2005, we released FogLamp, our first own application to utilize the Fontographer technology. FogLamp converts Fontographer source files (.fog databases) into FontLab-compatible .vfb files. You can take your .fog project files into TransType or FontLab and turn them into professional-quality OpenType or TrueType fonts.

Just four months later, in November 2005, we fulfilled the promise given to our customers and delivered Fontographer 4.7. This was the first Fontographer to run natively in Mac OS X. It also brought urgent bugfixes, and features like adding support for the Euro character.

June 2010: After the release of Fontographer 4.7, we embarked on a major features upgrade. Fontographer 5, released in June 2010, was the culmination of this extensive upgrade, bringing more modern functionality and solid FontLab font generation to the familiar Fontographer interface.

     If you have thoughts about how to improve the interface, new tools, simpler processes, etc. then contact us. We welcome all suggestions.