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Introducing FontLab Studio 5.2 for Windows

Introducing FontLab Studio 5

April 2013 FontLab Studio 5.2.1 for Windows with new features (create OpenType fonts with up to 65,535 glyphs, improved OpenType generation through FEA syntax 2.5, interpolated nodes, OpenType Layout features in Metrics Window, class kerning overlay preview, new Change Weight and Clean Up Paths operations, MM glyph blend preview, canvas notes, Python 2.7, improved user interface) and hundreds of bugfixes. Free upgrade for all Windows users of FontLab Studio 5 and AsiaFont Studio. Download today!

FontLab Studio 5.2.1 for Windows

We are excited to introduce FontLab Studio 5.2.1 for Windows! Please read the release notes below, and give it a try!

DownloadDOWNLOAD FULL FontLab Studio 5.2.1 for Windows for existing users. This version is fully functional and requires a valid FontLab Studio for Windows "FS5W" serial number.

Major New Features

Improved OpenType generation

Adobe FDK for OpenType (AFDKO) version 2.5 is integrated, and the 6,400 glyph limit is removed. FLS can now save and generate fonts with up to 65,635 glyphs.

Interpolated Nodes

Contour / Interpolate / Horizontal and Vertical enables and disables the ?interpolated? state of a node (in X and Y separately). The position of an interpolated node will change accordingly if nodes between which an interpolated node is located are moved.

Class Kerning Overlay Preview

All class members being overlaid semi-transparently on top of each other for the active kerning pair in the Metrics Window / Kerning mode if Tools / Options / Metrics window / Show all kerning class members for selected pair is enabled.

OpenType Layout-aware Metrics Window

New setting in the Metrics window toolbar is available: Process Features. If enabled, OpenType Layout substitutions are performed to the text entered in the Metrics Window depending on the features enabled in the OpenType Preview panel. For example, if you type in ?Hello? in the Metrics window, switch to the Metrics mode, in the OpenType Preview panel enable the ?smcp? feature, then the Metrics window will show the glyphs ?/H/ Works in the Metrics In the Preview, Metrics and Kerning mode of the Metrics window. OpenType Layout features must be compiled using the Compile button in the OpenType panel for this to work.

Additional Improvements

  • This build supports Python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 on Windows (the most recent Python is used).
  • New operation: Contour / Paths / Change Weight uses the Fontographer ?Change Weight? algorithm to change the weight. Works differently than Actions / Effects / Bold/Outline.
  • New operation: Contour / Paths / Clean Up Paths uses the Fontographer ?Clean Up Paths? algorithm. Works differently from ?Optimize? and is not MM-compatible. This is also available as Action / Contour / Clean Up.
  • New view: Preview panel / Preview tab / Preview options dropdown menu / MM Blend. In an MM font, previews a series of interpolated instances of the current glyph between two masters. The number of instances previewed depends on the size of the panel.
  • Add Canvas Note in the context menu now creates a note inside a glyph which can be positioned inside the glyph window. There can be multiple in-glyph notes per glyph. The old Add Note behavior is now available as Add Glyph Note.
  • New setting in Tools / Options / Glyph Windows / Outline drawing / Thick outline results in a thicker outline being drawn in the Glyph window.
  • File / Import / Background now supports PNG, GIF and JPG in addition to TIFF and BMP.
  • All core bugfixes from FontLab Studio 5.1.4 on Mac OS X are now incorporated into FontLab Studio 5.2.1 on Windows.
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