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Welcome to Fontlab Ltd.

Create a font with Fontlab Font Software

Fontlab is the world leader in font software. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, IBM, Linotype, and many others use Fontlab software to create and edit fonts. Our font editor tools let you do almost anything that is possible to do with a font. From TypeTool, our basic font editor, to Fontlab Studio, used by professional type designers around the world,to AsiaFont Studio, the worldwide font creator, Fontlab has a font editor product that suits your needs. Read more...

Convert Any Font

Our universal font converter, TransType, can convert most any font to any platform or font format. Our other font converter products can convert to and from and between bitmap font formats and photofont format. Read more...

Font Utilities

Fontlab font utilities help you do special things with fonts that otherwise would take unusual time and effort. Read more...

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CyberMonday Sale 2015: half off!

29 Nov 2015:   FontLab Studio 5 half off + free upgrade to VI! ...

DTL OTMaster 5.0 released

Dec 2014: Major new version of the technical OpenType font editor (upgrade from 3.7 for €7.50!)

Webinar: Stone on Superfamilies

August 2014: Sumner talks to us about font superfamilies and other stuff...

Free Phinney Webinar

July 2014: Sold Out

Advanced Font Hinting Webinar #2

May 2014: Monika Bartels shows us how it's done...

Phinney Joins FontLab!

May 2014: FontLab announced today that Thomas Phinney has joined the company as its Vice President...

Brush Romans Webinar

March 2014: The majuscules of Imperial Rome have obviously survived the test of time...

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