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Pyrus N.A. Announces the Release of ScanFont 3.0


For Immediate Release
March 1, 1997

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Millersville, MD - Pyrus North America Ltd. announced the release of ScanFont 3.0, a picture and font converter. With ScanFont, literally any picture can be converted to a font. By simply scanning the desired image and then tracing that image, a new and unusual font can be added to your creative repertoire.

The product benefits include the ability to convert obsolete format fonts to Adobe Type 1 or TrueType formats, making a font of your (or your significant other's, or your client's) handwriting, creating a font from any line drawing, converting old print lettering or letterhead into modern electronic format and printing font reference tables.

All of these benefits are realized through an impressive list of features and functions that make Scan Font a necessary addition to any graphic artist's toolkit.

These features include:

  • Perfect "first time editing" - The product includes both bitmap and vector editing capabilities.
  • A complete toolkit - The bitmap editor includes select, marquee, freehand, magic wand, scroll, zoom, pen, brush, eraser, fill, line, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, symbol select, scale. The Font editor includes select, erase, draw, ruler. AutoTrace includes template and split, undo/redo, scan.
  • Get started right away - Font Chart helps manage the new font image with cells captioned by name, decimal, hex, or ANSI character. The Glyph Editor includes bitmap, guide, grid, node, vector, and fill layers. The Bitmap editor includes context sensitive popup menus and property windows. Printout to Font table or Character table.
  • Easy conversions - User can convert any printable font to true type or Type 1 format by scanning and tracing the desired image.
  • Use your scanner - Interface with any TWAIN scanner for easy input.
  • Handle existing images with ease - Import any bitmap graphic from TIF, BMP EPS, VFB and VFA format to a True Type or Type 1 character in your favorite font.
  • Export - Save objects as VFB, EPS, PC Type 1, PC True Type and TIFF formats

According to Ted Harrison, President of Pyrus N.A., "ScanFont 3.0 is perfect for desktop publishers who need an easy way to create custom characters. I can't count the number of applications for this product. Every time I speak to a new customer, I find that they are using the product for things I never even imagined," he continued. "From simple corporate logos and signatures to more esoteric applications like converting old legacy fonts to Adobe Type 1 or to TrueType format for use with your favorite word processing system, this product can do it all easily and automatically."

ScanFont retails for $199. Hardware requirements include 8MB RAM, SVGA monitor and a Mouse. Software requirements include WIN95, WIN3.x, WIN NT or OS/2. All products from Pyrus carry a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Pyrus N.A. is a leading developer of digital typography solutions. The company has a full line of products to solve the the most complex typography issues. These products include: FontLab, FontLab Composer, Scan Font, TypTool and SigMaker.

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