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Pyrus N.A. Announces the Release of SigMaker


For Immediate Release
12 November 1997

Contact: Ted Harrison

Pyrus N.A. Ltd.

Tel: +1(509)272-3260

Millersville, MD - Pyrus North America Ltd. announced the release of SigMaker, a signature conversion tool that will add any black and white image, such as a signature, to an existing TrueType font. With SigMaker, the signature conversion process is completely automatic. Simply follow SigMaker's seven step process to make a signature into a font character.

By making a signature a single character in this fashion, adding a signature to a document is a single keystroke away. SigMaker eliminates the time consuming step of creating a graphics box and then inserting a graphic object into that box and then properly positioning the graphic image in the document. SigMaker automates this entire process, so that adding a signature to a document is only a single keystroke.

And, the signature will be available instantly to users as they move from one application to another. Just as fonts are accessible from one application to another, the signature will be equally available, because SigMaker makes it a character in the font you use in your applications.

In addition, SigMaker eliminates the bitmap "jaggies" found in many graphic images when they are displayed on the monitor or when they are printed. The signature looks as if it were just signed with a pen or pencil.

According to Ted Harrison, President of Pyrus N.A., "SigMaker is the perfect product for anyone who uses a word processing system for their correspondence. And nowadays, that's just about everyone. SigMaker makes adding signatures to documents quick and easy."

"In addition," he continued, "we have priced this product to be an impulse buy at your local computer retail outlet. At $29.95, this is a perfect product to take out of the store with a new computer or printer."

SigMaker retails for $29.95 and will begin shipping January 1, 1997. Hardware requirements include 8MB RAM, SVGA monitor and a Mouse. Software requirements include WIN95 or WIN NT. All products from Pyrus carry a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

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