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FontLab for Macintosh

Boston, MA - Pyrus North America Ltd. announced the release of FontLab 3.0 for Macintosh today at the Seybold Conference on Desktop Publishing in Boston. FontLab is a powerful full featured digital typeface editor. With FontLab, graphic artists on the Macintosh platform have everything they need to produce new fonts, add characters to fonts or change existing characters with perfect accuracy and reproducibility.

The list of new features in FontLab 3.0 for Macintosh includes:

  • Unique Native TrueType Font Editor
  • Adobe Type 1 Font Editor
  • Create and Edit Multiple Master fonts with up to four axes
  • Manual and automatic hinting and kerning
  • Sophisticated vector paint tools for calligraphic style drawing
  • Import PC TrueType and Type 1 Fonts
  • TrueType delta hinting
  • Export PC TrueType and Type 1 Formats
  • Supports all known language code pages and encodings

"This new version of FontLab is the culmination of an extensive and detailed development effort that is designed to address all of the weaknesses in existing font manipulation tools on the market. People have been asking us for a Mac version of FontLab for years." said Ted Harrison, President of Pyrus N.A. "Now it's finally here".

"We listened to our customers to make sure our development efforts addressed their concerns and needs and we evaluated our competitor's product to address the shortcomings in those products. This release of FontLab will make us the technology leader for products of this nature." he concluded.

FontLab retails for $399 and will begin shipping April 1, 1999. A three-day trial version is available for download from the Pyrus website. Hardware requirements include 8MB RAM, SVGA monitor and a Mouse. Software requirements include Mac OS7.6+. All products from Pyrus carry a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Pyrus N.A., established in 1992, is the only company in the world to exclusively devote their development efforts to producing digital typeface editors and related products. The company has a full line of products to solve the most complex typography issues. These products include: FontLab, FontLab Composer, Scan Font, TypeTool, TransType, FONmaker, CompoCompiler, EuroFonter and SigMaker.

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