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TransType 2 Converts Font Formats and Platforms


For Immediate Release
Monday, April 8, 2001

Contact: Ted Harrison

Fontlab Ltd.

Tel: 1 (410) 987-5616

Millersville, MD - Fontlab Ltd, the leading developer of digital typography tools, announced today its eagerly awaited release of TransType 2. This second release brings with it the capability of font conversion between TrueType and PostScript (Type I) formats on either Macintosh or PC. Users will now be able to convert fonts between both platforms AND formats using a single, reliable tool. To make this process even easier and more intuitive TransType 2 has a Preview window that shows fonts before and after conversion without installing them on the system.

Another unique new feature is the ability to convert Multiple Master fonts into standard Type I and TrueType fonts on either Macintosh or PC platform. This particular feature finally gives the Macintosh user the power to use PC Multiple Master fonts. It will now be possible to create full Type I fonts, not just “virtual fonts” as Adobe Type Manager does, from any Multiple Master font. Ted Harrison, President of Fontlab, said “We’re hoping that this will stimulate a renewed interest in multiple master fonts. It’s a great technology which we think hasn’t realized its full potential.

Users of TransType are accustomed to the outstanding array of features that are still a major part of the new version.

These include:

  • Conversion of Mac TrueType fonts to PC TrueType fonts.
  • Conversion of PC TrueType fonts to Mac TrueType fonts.
  • Conversion of Mac Type I to PC Type I fonts.
  • Conversion of PC Type I fonts to Mac Type I fonts.
  • Batch conversions of whole libraries of fonts.
  • Automatic hinting of fonts when converting from TrueType to Type 1 or vice versa
  • Select both source and destination encodings of converted fonts.
  • Automatically build font suitcases when converting fonts to Mac.
  • Automatically generate bitmap fonts (with ATM) when converting PC fonts to Mac.

This stellar collection of features make this product a necessity for any serious publishing professional.

TransType 2 retails for US $97.00 and will begin shipping in May 2001 for Macintosh; the Windows version will follow shortly. Hardware requirements include 32MB Ram. Software requirements include Macintosh OS8.x+. All products from Fontlab carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Fontlab Ltd. has stayed at the forefront of digital typography by remaining devoted to developing font editors and typography tools. Their full line of products is dedicated to solving the most complex typography issues. These products include: Fontlab, AsiaFont Studio, ScanFont, TypeTool, Sigmaker, TransType, CompoCompiler, and FONmaker. More information on all FontLab products can be seen at

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