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Fontlab Ltd Introduces First Professional Bitmap Font Editor


For Immediate Release
Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Contact: Ted Harrison

Fontlab Ltd.

Tel: 1 (410) 987-5616

Millersville, MD - Fontlab Ltd., the leading developer of digital typography tools, announced today its eagerly awaited release of BitFonter, the first professional level bitmap font editor. This outstanding new tool brings major technological advances to the field of typography. BitFonter is a powerful digital editing tool that gives graphic designers, desktop publishers, printers, and authors complete access to the flexibility and power of bitmap font formats for the first time, including full Unicode and grayscale support for TrueType fonts on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

In addition, BitFonter includes the new XML-based PhotoFont technology capability that allows the user to create full color fonts with transparency and use them on web pages and in Adobe Photoshop. Webmasters can now have precise control over the appearance of type on their pages while the text remains searchable.

Another big boost, for Unicode and CJKV font users, is complete two-byte font compatibility, including many codepages and encodings. BitFonter can open and edit Asian fonts or Unicode fonts with thousands of characters.

Other salient features include:

  • Font projects - organize fonts into projects for easier management.
  • Font conversion - between virtually all bitmap font formats.
  • Professional image editing tools - from pencil to Gaussian blur.
  • Rasterization of outline fonts - convert your TrueType or Type 1 fonts into bitmaps.
  • Convert bitmap to outline fonts - or go the other way and make TT or T1 fonts from your bitmaps with the help of TypeTool™ or FontLab™3.

"This is truly a breakthrough in web publishing", said Ted Harrison, President of Fontlab Ltd. "The barriers to typographic consistency and quality on web pages have now been breached. The web designer no longer need feel constrained to the fonts most likely to be found on their users systems nor need they worry that their typography will be mangled by browsers or user font choices. With PhotoFonts they can have their cake, good typography, and eat it (text searchability) too!"

BitFonter retails for US $499.00 and the Macintosh version will begin shipping immediately. The Windows version will follow within a few months. Hardware requirements include a Power-PC based Macintosh, 64MB Ram, SVGA monitor, and a mouse. Software requirements include Mac OS 8.1x+ or OS X in Classic mode. All products from Fontlab carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Fontlab Ltd. has stayed at the forefront of digital font management by remaining devoted to developing font editors and typography products. Their full line of products is dedicated to solving the most complex typography issues. These products include: FontLab™ 3, AsiaFont Studio, ScanFont™ 3, TypeTool™, SigMaker™, TransType™, CompoCompiler™, FONmaker™, and now BitFonter™. More information on all FontLab products can be seen at

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