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Adam Twardoch joins Fontlab Ltd.

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Friday, January 30, 2004

Contact: Ted Harrison

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Adam Twardoch

Fontlab Ltd.

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany - Friday, January 30, 2004 - Fontlab Ltd. today announced that Adam Twardoch has joined the company as Scripting Products and Marketing Manager.

‘Adam is widely known in the international type community as an expert in font technology. He brings great expertise in Fontlab products on one side, and solid business training on the other,’ said Ted Harrison, President of Fontlab Ltd. ‘For some time, we have been looking for an addition to our team who could help us serve our growing customer base, develop new Python scripting products and strengthen our marketing activities. Adam is a perfect candidate for this position. We have worked with him on some projects in the past and are very excited and honored that he will now be a permanent member of our team.’

‘Fontlab products are at the cutting edge of font technology, and I have extensively used them since 1998. I was always interested in typography, digital fonts, international issues and electronic business – and Fontlab combines it all,’ said Mr. Twardoch. ‘I am very excited about this new opportunity and am looking forward to helping Fontlab make their products even better. I will continue my contacts with font makers and expect synergy for all parties.’

Adam Twardoch showed his interest in typography in his very early days. Having learned how to read at the age of three, in elementary school he was busy analyzing the details of letters printed in his schoolbooks. When he was 10, he made bitmap fonts for his Atari home computer. At 15, he modified the PostScript printer driver of Windows 3.0 to make it print Polish texts. By age 19 (in 1994), he had written his own bitmap font editor for MS DOS. Later, he wanted to make and modify fonts, and tried several available font editors. He was unhappy with what he found until 1998, when he bought FontLab 3.1. ‘I immediately fell in love with the program,’ says Adam.

In the subsequent years, he sent over 800 e-mails to Yuri Yarmola, Vice President and principal developer of Fontlab Ltd, reporting bugs and making improvement suggestions. Many of them were incorporated into Fontlab products. In 2000, Adam voluntarily took over the role of assistant manager of the Fontlab forum at MSN, where he has been providing support to other users ever since. In 2001, he was one of the first beta testers of FontLab 4.0, which – among other features – allowed users to automate repetitive tasks using Python scripting. With Tiro Typeworks, he developed a set of scripts that factilitated a huge 3000-font conversion project. Later, he developed custom Python scripting solutions for Linotype Library and other customers. Since 2001, Adam has given talks about Python scripting at various typographic conferences. With Andreas Eigendorf, he maintains the Unofficial FontLab/Python API Reference.

Adam was born in 1975 in Poland. He studied business administration and is currently graduating from cultural sciences at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. He is a member of the Board and Polish country delegate of the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI).

In addition to his duties at Fontlab Ltd., Adam will continue to operate his business in Frankfurt (Oder), working as typographic consultant to and providing consulting services to his worldwide customers including Linotype Library, Adobe Systems, Corel Corporation, Porchez Typofonderie, Tiro Typeworks, and others.

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