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Fontlab Ltd. Announces the Release of BitFonter 2

First Professional Bitmap Font Editor with Native Mac OS X Support

For Immediate Release

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Contact: Ted Harrison

Fontlab Ltd.
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Port Angeles, WA, USA - October 19, 2004 - Fontlab Ltd., the leading developer of digital typography tools, announced today its eagerly awaited release of BitFonter 2. This second version of the high-end bitmap font editor now runs natively on Mac OS X and is a major technological advance in screen typography. BitFonter 2 allows creative professionals, software developers and hardware manufacturers to fully unleash the power and flexibility of bitmap fonts.

BitFonter 2 users can create and modify monochrome, grayscale or full-color bitmap fonts that can be used in print publications, web pages, animations, computer games, printers and imaging devices, mobile electronic devices, phones and electronic displays. Fonts created with BitFonter 2 can be used on all desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as on mobile operating systems such as Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Symbian OS.

BitFonter 2 allows designers to create razor-sharp fonts that improve screen text legibility in small font sizes. BitFonter 2 supports OpenType fonts with embedded bitmaps that work in Microsoft Office for Windows and other desktop applications. The major new addition to BitFonter 2 is the support of pixel fonts that allow the same crisp font quality in Macromedia Flash animations.

BitFonter 2 includes improved support for the XML-based Photofont technology that allows the designer to create full-color fonts with transparency and use them on web pages and in Adobe Photoshop.

BitFonter 2 adds kerning support for the industry-standard BDF format and includes a brand-new metrics and kerning editor. Another major new feature is improved image import so scanned alphabets can be quickly and automatically converted into fully-functional fonts. BitFonter 2 can open and edit Asian fonts or Unicode fonts with thousands of characters.

BitFonter 2 for Mac OS X retails for US$499.00. Users of version 1 can upgrade for US$99.00. BitFonter 2 runs natively on Mac OS X, and a Windows version is under development. One of FontLab Ltd.’s outline font editors (AsiaFont Studio, FontLab, TypeTool) is necessary to create pixel fonts. To display Photofonts in web browsers or Photoshop, separately available software components from Fontlab Ltd. are required. All products from Fontlab Ltd. carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

About Fontlab Ltd.

Fontlab Ltd. has stayed at the forefront of digital font management by remaining devoted to developing font editors and typography products. Their full line of products is dedicated to solving the most complex typography issues. These products include: AsiaFont Studio™, BitFonter™, FontLab™, ScanFont™, TypeTool™, TransType™, FontFlasher™, FONmaker™, SigMaker™ and CompoCompiler™. More information on all Fontlab products can be seen at Information about the Photofont technology is available at

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