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Fontlab Acquires Live Pen
Fontlab is pleased to announce our acquisition of the tools, technology and brand of Live Pen from Zero-One Inc. Live Pen is a stroke-based font technology developed by Mr. Andrei Bourdine.   In 2008 Zero-One released Live Pen for Adobe Illustrator CS2 as a plug-in which allowed quick and easy calligraphic hand lettering. This followed three years of development of the Live Pen technology for calligraphic design tools.      
Live Pen features include:
# Natural digital drawing
# Moving Pen Anchor
# Simple add or removal of Pen Anchors
# Pen library
# Minimal anchor after expanding
# Smooth integration

    In practice, the user can quickly select a pen type; draw a glyph; and easily edit the strokes to any shape they desire.
    Fontlab has had an interest in developing a stroke-based font editor for some years and has started development of the technology in the VectorPaint module of its current font editors. "The acquisition of the Live Pen technology allows us to advance our efforts by an order of magnitude." said Ted Harrison, President of Fontlab. "We're very excited about the prospect of integrating this technology into our future products, especially those intended for Asian markets."
    More details can be seen at the Live Pen website - http://01-lab.com/livepen.html