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FontLab Studio 5.0.3

May 2007: Free update for Mac and Windows.

Version 5.0.3 is free to licensed users of FontLab Studio 5.

To obtain the free update, browse to our updates page and fill out the update request form. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.

Version 5.0.3 of FontLab Studio 5 fixes some bugs, improves the stability of the program and adds some new features. Below are some of the most important changes. We recommend this update to all users of FontLab Studio 5.

Metrics Window improvements

Additional keyboard shortcuts in the Metrics Window are now available, depending on which working area of the Metrics window is activated: the main area (where the glyphs are displayed) or metrics/kerning table (the optional vertical table on the right). Use the Tab key to toggle between the active working areas.

(Note: The main area of Metrics window can work in two states: the ?walk state?, which allows you to select and edit metrics or kerning for any single glyph displayed there, and the ?template state?, which automatically selects one particular glyphs and surrounds it with a template made of the most representative glyphs, e.g. HOHnon HHHnnn OOOooo etc.).

To activate the ?walk state?, click on the main area of the Metrics window. Now you can use edit the metrics or kerning of any of the glyphs displayed there. To walk to the next glyph displayed in the Metrics mode, press PgDn, to walk to the previous glyph press PgUp; Ctrl+Home (Win) or Cmd+Home (Mac) walks to the very first glyph displayed, Home walks to the first glyph in the current line, End walks to the last glyph in the current line and Ctrl+End (Win) or Cmd+End (Mac) walks to the very last glyph. Esc deactivates the ?walk state? and switches to ?template state?.

When the Metrics window is in the Metrics mode and the main area is the active working area, following keyboard shortcuts can be used to edit the glyph?s metrics: the arrow keys move the glyph to the left or right without changing the advance width; Cmd+arrow keys (Mac) or Ctrl+arrow keys (Win) change the LSB and the width, leaving RSB unchanged; Cmd+Alt+arrow keys (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys (Win) change the RSB and the width, leaving LSB unchanged.

When the Metrics window is in the Metrics mode and the metrics/kerning table is the active working area, the arrow keys will increase and decrease the advance width by changing the RSB, Ctrl+arrow keys (Win) or Cmd+arrow keys (Mac) will increase and decrease the advance width by changing the LSB.

For all keyboard operations in the Metrics window that modify metrics, pressing Shift will now accelerate the changes by the amount specified in Options/Preferences / Glyph Window / Dimensions / Shift+arrow keys increment (defaults to 10).

Additional preferences for the Metrics window in FontLab Studio / Preferences (Mac) or Tools / Options (Win).

Other improvements and bug fixes

When BitFonter 3 and FontLab Studio 5.0.3 are installed on the same machine, BitFonter can export autotraced fonts into FontLab Studio and import bitmaps from any font that is opened in FontLab Studio.

The adjust sidebearing action works correctly when sidebearings or kerning are negative.

The mirror transformations now automatically corrects the path direction.

The Unicode Ranges mode of Font Window has been updated to version 5.0 of the Unicode Standard.

Minor updates to the glyphname-to-Unicode mapping tables, OpenType vendor id list and the OpenType layout tag list.

Many additional bug fixes that improve the overall stability of the application and the quality of the produced fonts.