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FontLab Studio 5.1.2
July 2012 For Mac OS X 10.5-10.8

July 31, 2012 ? Fontlab Ltd. has released FontLab Studio 5.1.2 for Mac OS X. The 5.1.2 release (build 4447) is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion. All users of FontLab Studio 5 for Mac OS X can download FontLab Studio 5.1.2 free of charge from the Updates and Upgrades page.

The following bugs and issues have been fixed in FontLab Studio 5.1.2 build 4447 compared to the previous 5.1.1 release:

  • 003 Wrong string rendering in TrueType hinting preview
  • 009 No alert while opening .ttc
  • 080 Crash when trying to open any font after performing "Quit" command while "Open" dialog is open
  • 094 input of none ASCII lettersn
  • 103 Mismatch of colors in the Glyph window
  • 115 Number keys to select tools do not work
  • 118 English characters aren't displayed in "Metrics Window" for STSSong font
  • 132 "Go to ... page" button doesn't open URL from the linked text input field in "Font Info" window
  • 153 Existing characters in multiple Masters
  • 170 System "Arial" font generated in OTF format has chinese name if OSs on which file was generated and installed are not the same
  • 182 Crash while opening VFB with .enc files containing header names with "?" symbol
  • 184 Crash when trying to resize Glyph or Metrics Windows over 2 screens
  • 196 Crash, opening/closing glyph windows with 2+ fonts open
  • 204 Metrics window: wrong color of glyphs when unfilled
  • 207 Glyphs Window: Neighbor outlines appear in two colors
  • 225 FLS crashes when trying to select search result
  • 238 copy/paste of start node shapes causes corruption
  • 258 Faulty auto glyph sorting
  • 260 Copy classes from a font
  • 270 FLS crashes when trying to simultaneously use "Drawing" tool and "Run macro" command
  • 288 Text input fields appearance update errors
  • 291 Crash on closing file
  • 292 Rename class crashes FL
  • 295 Mark problems macro causes crash
  • 318 "Font Info" window becomes corrupted when using scroll in "Font Info>Font Note"
  • 326 Crash when typing in textbox in Metrics Window (Kerning mode)
  • 344 FLS crashes after pressing "Font Info" button from "Save Macintosh Suitcase" dialog
  • 349 FLS crashes while click "Reset Macro" when macro started in the "Edit Macro" window
  • 350 FLS crashes while adding/deleting new menus in the "Customize" dialog
  • 355 Export OTF kills OT kern data
  • 360 Crash in Metrics Window
  • 365 New 10.7 method for entering characters with diacritics works incorrectly
  • 366 Missing "name" table entries in OTF: fonts cannot be installed on Mac OS X!
  • 373 Not able to generate .otf fonts from many .vfb files
  • 374 The Action Sets doesn't work
  • 375 Serious problem exporting OTF
  • 384 Expand Strokes crashes on single nodes
  • 386 Cannot generate OpenType PS (.otf) font
  • 396 Knife tool causes crash
  • 397 Rename anchors conflicts with already assigned shortcut
  • 400 Dragging Metrics Window modes toolbar cause app to hang for a while
  • 405 Wrong bytes in intermediate ~t1 file when building OTF
  • 415 Crash when trying to execute "Remove Hints / Vertical" command
  • 417 Wrong/inconsistent contour direction between VFB and OTF results
  • 423 stored TrueType tables have tags in reversed order between 5.0.4 and 5.1
  • 425 Text disappears from the second pop-up menu in the "Macro" toolbar after dragging
  • 427 Garbages in the "Hinting Preview Options" window
  • 428 "Delta PPM range" text input field has broad focus ring while changing "Delta offset" value
  • 449 Scroll bar in the "Note" window becomes corrupted after dragging
  • 452 Crash on 10.7 when compiling features, success or graceful fail on 10.6
  • 455 Text input fields in the "Assign Mask" window allow out-of-range values
  • 459 "Programs" and its contents missing from the main data folder, user data folder should contain full subfolder tree
  • 463 Opening an older file problems
  • 495 FLS crashes on closing "Metrics" window
  • 507 After dragging columns in the [cmap] table column title loses all the chars but first
  • 509 Junk clones of selection remain visible while selecting fonts in the File>Generate All dialog
  • 514 Naming table - problem with Style Name
  • 519 Crash during generation of .ttf fonts if partition has no free space
  • 520 Crash during printing text string when 'Print>Font Sample>Filloutlines' checkbox is turned off.
  • 521 Crash during printing text string when the 'Enter a string...' text input fiels contains 'space' char
  • 523 Printing 'Glyph Sample' - "Print all glyphs in string" - Crash
  • 524 Missing function in metrics: Strikeout
  • 535 Can't paste text in Load Text window
  • 536 Crash during font generation with the enabled "Generate digital signature..." checkbox
  • 537 Impossible to interrupt quit sequence
  • 539 Pasting in Metrics window causes removal of chars
  • 541 Keyboard editing metrics values in the table at the right of the MW is impossible
  • 542 FLS crashes at 97% when exporting TTF or Mac TrueType Suitcase
  • 543 Crash after pressing "Cancel" button of "Printing" dialog if "Enter a string of glyphs to print" text input field from "Glyph Sample" pane contains accented non-ASCII chars
  • 545 Trying to print glyph from the newly created empty font causes crash
  • 548 Component accents are not shifted vertically when composite glyphs are created
  • 554 Two radiobuttons can be turned on simultaneously
  • 561 "Optimize" command crashes on single node
  • 568 Incorrect char becomes highlighted while using keystrokes in the "Font Window"
  • 571 Crash after dragging any toolbar on the "Status bar"
  • 579 Crash during trace pixels