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ScanFont 5

Nov 2007: New versions for both Mac and Windows!

ScanFont Upgraded

Quickly convert any image into a font

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ted Harrison
Fontlab Ltd.
403 S.Lincoln, Port Angeles WA 98362, USA
Tel: +1 (509) 272-3260
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Port Angeles, WA, USA ? November 13, 2007. Fontlab Ltd. announced today the release of ScanFont 5 for Mac OS X and Windows, a major new version of the company?s professional bitmap-to-font converter.

ScanFont is a tool that allows users to turn bitmap images, photos or artwork into fonts. ScanFont is a plugin that integrates with the recent versions of Fontlab's outline font editors (FontLab Studio 5, TypeTool 3 and the upcoming AsiaFont Studio 5). Together with one of those editors, ScanFont can be used to create full-fledged TrueType, OpenType or Type 1 fonts from any digital or scannable source. In the words of Fontlab Ltd.?s president Ted Harrison: ?Lettering is ubiquitous. We are surrounded by books, postcards, posters, antique woodcuts, handwritten letters. Turning them into a working computer font is an interesting creative endeavour, but it can be a laborious process when ordinary software tools are used. With ScanFont you're only a few clicks away from a new font.?

ScanFont imports bitmap or vector artwork in a variety of formats (EPS, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, GIF or directly from a scanner) and automatically removes the background. It allows the user to improve the image through common operations and filters ? such as rotation, sharpening or noise reduction. Then, ScanFont fully automatically locates the letters and symbols on the page. As the last step, ScanFont converts the bitmap shapes into outlines using a fine-tunable autotracing algorithm developed especially for font creation, and exports the character shapes into one of Fontlab's recent outline font editors (TypeTool 3, FontLab Studio 5 or the upcoming AsiaFont Studio 5) for finalizing.

The new version 5 of the software can now process color images, includes new filters, operations and effects. The shape detection and autotracing algorithms have been greatly improved, and ScanFont can now save .VFB files that can be later opened in a font editor. ?ScanFont allows users to explore their creativity and extend their personal font libraries. Whether it is handwriting, print or photographs of real-life lettering ? with the ScanFont + TypeTool combo, anyone can try their hands at font creation,? said Adam Twardoch, Fontlab Ltd.?s product and marketing manager.

Previously, ScanFont for Mac was available in version 4 as a US$99 plugin for TypeTool (also US$99) or for FontLab Studio (US$649). On Windows, ScanFont 3 was a US$198 standalone product, and was essentially a limited-functionality equivalent of the ScanFont 4 + TypeTool combo.

ScanFont 5 now retails at the list price of US$99.00 for both Mac OS X and Windows, and works as a plugin for TypeTool 3, FontLab Studio 5 or AsiaFont Studio 5. The ScanFont 5 + TypeTool 3 combo that offers a complete font editing solution for hobbyists and students is available at the list price of US$198.00. Upgrades for existing ScanFont 3 and 4 users are US$29.95. Owners of ScanFont 3 for Windows can purchase an upgrade to the ScanFont 5 + TypeTool 3 combo for US$59.95. For more information, a free demo version for Mac and Windows, as well as purchase and upgrade options, visit the ScanFont page at http://www.fontlab.com/font-converter/scanfont/

About Fontlab Ltd.

Fontlab Ltd. has stayed at the forefront of digital font technology by remaining devoted to developing font editors and typography products. Their full line of products is dedicated to solving the most complex typography issues. These products include: AsiaFont Studio?, BitFonter?, FogLamp?, FontLab? Studio , Fontographer?, ScanFont?, TypeTool?, TransType?, FontFlasher?, FONmaker?, SigMaker? and CompoCompiler?. More information on all Fontlab products can be seen at www.fontlab.com.