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SigMaker 3

Sep 2007: For Mac & Windows ― turn images, signatures and logos into OpenType fonts, fontlets or SING glyphlets!

SigMaker 3 for Mac and Windows

Turn images, logos and signatures into OpenType fonts, fontlets or SING glyphlets!

For Immediate Release
Monday, September 9, 2007

Contact: Ted Harrison
Fontlab Ltd.
403 S.Lincoln, Port Angeles WA 98362, USA
Tel: +1 (509) 272-3260
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Port Angeles, WA, USA ― September 9, 2007.

Fontlab Ltd. announces the release of SigMaker 3, an affordable font utility that allows users to turn any image such as a scanned signature, a corporate logo or a digital photo into a font that can be easily used in any wordprocessing or graphic application ― all in six easy steps.

With SigMaker 3, the user picks an image, optionally opens one of the fonts installed on their system, chooses the keystroke position under which the new symbol will be available ― and SigMaker does the rest. It will generate a modified version of the original font or ― new in version 3 ― a tiny one-glyph font, either in the Adobe InDesign-compatible SING glyphlet format, or as a universally usable OpenType ?fontlet?.

?Placing a scanned signature or a company logo in a ?fontlet? is an affordable and universal way to include these graphics in documents ― without the fuss of graphic format conversion,? said Adam Twardoch, Fontlab?s product and marketing manager. ?Since a ?fontlet? is a normal OpenType font, it can be used on both Mac and Windows, in practically every application! Also, keying in a special character is often faster and easier than importing and placing a graphic file, especially if the process needs to be repeated. SigMaker also opens possibilities for new kinds of visual communication: adding icons or custom bullet points to your texts can increase the readability, and replacing some common words or proper names with their graphic representation can be a fun factor,? Twardoch continued.

Another exciting new feature of SigMaker 3 is the ability to create SING glyphlets. The SING architecture was developed by Adobe to solve the ?gaiji? problem in Chinese, Japanese and Korean typography. In those languages, characters sometimes have graphical variants that represent personal names or places. These variants, called ?gaiji? in Japanese, typically are not included in the standard fonts. The SING architecture enables users to extend their Asian fonts with new ?glyphlets? ― glyph objects that can be associated with fonts without actually modifying them. SING glyphlets are currently supported in CID-keyed OpenType fonts in Adobe InDesign CS2 and CS3.

SigMaker has an easy six-step wizard interface. However, it is based on the high-end font technology engine of FontLab Studio, which guarantees the highest quality of the final fonts. SigMaker accepts images in most popular graphic formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and EPS.

SigMaker 3 for Mac OS X and Windows retails for US$29.95. All products from Fontlab Ltd. carry a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

For more information visit the SigMaker page at

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