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Other Font Software

Other Font Software

Font Twister -

FontTwister is the fastest and easiest way to create dazzling text effects.

  • Use high impact, anti-aliased text for logos, 2D and 3D headings in letters, web graphics, banners, buttons, presentations or flyers.
  • Add color, patterns, glows, bevels, embossing, transparency, texture, edges, soft shadows and blurs to your text or apply one of the dozens of built-in styles.

Microsoft Font Properties Extension ? If you right click on a font file in Windows 95, 98, NT or 2000 its basic properties are displayed. This extension adds several new property tabs to this properties dialog box. These include information relating to font origination and copyright, the type sizes to which hinting and smoothing are applied, and the code pages supported by extended character sets.

FontPeeper is a shareware Windows application which allows you to preview fonts in Win32 programs before selecting them. $12-$16

FontAgent ? from Insider Software. Repairs corrupt, duplicate, and unmatched fonts and creates an organized font library. Free demos for Win and Mac. $49.95

Font F/X is an easy to use program with a unique 3D intuitive user interface that renders quickly with incredible photo-realism. Create dramatic text images and fantastic 3D effects easily. $19.95

NewApps Font Management Tools ? Another fairly extensive collection of shareware and freeware font utilities.

FontViewer ? lets you browse all the fonts on your system at once, compare selected fonts with each other, and use a variety of filters to find the font you want quickly.

Jintek ? has three Macintosh font plug-ins: Type Chameleon (vector type effects for Photoshop), Twister XT (vector type effects for Quark XPress), and 3DXPress XT (3D type for Quark Xpress).

Golden State Graphics has been very prolific in putting out font utilities. On their site you can check out the TypeBook (automatic typeface catalog production), Match This! (personal typeface classification database), the FONDler (font library maintenance and troubleshooting), the FontsBrowser (off-line font browsing), and PicaCalculator (programmable scientific DTP calculator).

Printer's Apprentice has tools for printing specimen pages and font lists for fonts on CD-ROMs and other media. You can look at every character in a font, see how the font looks in a paragraph, find symbol characters on a keyboard, and more! $25

Fonter previews fonts on screen or prints them in several ways. Create BMP files of individual characters, font comparisons, and more. Just $20 from OSOSoft.

Unicode Checker ? UnicodeChecker is an application that displays information for every code point from the Unicode Standard. For a given number, UnicodeChecker will display that character along with its UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings, XHTML entity, Unicode Name, mapping information, etc. Mac OS X.

OS X Fontchecker ? The FIRST Font inspection utility for Mac OS X that understands unicode. US$15.

Windows 95/98 Font Management Tools ? This site has listings of about 50 font utilities. Good descriptions and links.

MyTools ? The guys and gals at UniTech have come up with three interesting font utilities: MyFonts Windows Font Manager, FontSpec Pro Windows Font Manager, and TrueType Font Namer.

Font Service is a font manager for Win95/98 that comes in 7 different languages.

SmartFont provides a permanent on-screen display of all the fonts installed on your system in a scrollable list, with each font shown using its own typeface. You can easily make the window small enough to hide on the caption bar of your favorite DTP or Word-processor program. Double-click on any displayed font and a secondary window opens showing the contents of the clipboard in that font

XmBDFEditor is a Motif/X11-based BDF font editor.

FontDoctor can diagnose and repair font tables, font ID conflicts, duplicate fonts, mixed font types, missing bitmaps, and more. You can print font sample pages and diagnostic reports.

FontIncluder2 ? a font embedding tool.

FontTest is simply a program to print out your installed fonts ? some or all -  you select which fonts you want printing and press print ? and out come your  fonts, 1 per line.

Raster Font Editor - can open font resource files (*.fnt) and can import DOS 8x16 fonts, fonts from BMP images and can convert TTF fonts to raster fonts. It can save raster fonts as Font Resource (*.fnt), Resource Script (*.rc), Text (*.txt) and Windows Bitmap (*.bmp).