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Sample, Specimen, and Illustrative Books

American Type Play

by Steven Heller, Gail Anderson

Over 400 contemporary examples of typographic and design ingenuity from more than 150 leading designers. 400+ color images.

Art Deco Display Alphabets: 100 Complete Fonts

by Dan X.Solo (Editor)

Dan Solo and Dover Press have about a dozen of these type sample books out. A  very inexpensive way to get a good idea of a particular  typographic genre.

Art Nouveau Typographic Ornaments

by Dan X. Solo (editor)

Another typographic collection by Dan Solo and Dover Press

Extreme Fonts: Digital Faces for the Future

by Spencer Drate and Jurka Salavetz

Profiles and recent samples from over 40 cutting-edge type designers, many published for the first time.

Goudy's Type Designs: His Story and Specimens

by Frederic W. Goudy

More from the Master.

Great Type and Lettering Designs

by David Brier (Editor)

A collection of some of the best typographic solutions ever produced. Grouped according to the type that: tells a story; beautifies a design; or breaks the rules.

1. Type That Tells a Story
2. Type That Beautifies a Design
3. Type That Breaks the Rules

Treasury of Alphabets and Lettering

by Jan Tschichold

A Source Book of the Best Letter Forms of Past and Present for Sign Painters, Graphic Artists, Commercial Artists

Typographics 1

by Roger Walton (Editor)

Typography Now Two: Implosion

by Rick Poynor (Editor)

The Typographic Desk Reference

by Theodore Rosendorf
ISBN-10: 1584562315 

First edition. The Typographic Desk Reference (aka TDR) is comprised of a thousand facts on the form of Latin-based writing systems. The book includes the following four main sections: Terms - Definitions of format, measurements, practice, standards, tools, and industry lingo; Glyphs -The list of standard ISO and extended Latin characters, symbols, diacritics, marks, and various forms of typographic furniture; Anatomy & Form - Letter stroke parts and the variations of impression and space used in Latin-based writing systems; and Classification & Specimens - An historical line with examples of form from blackletter to contemporary sans serif types. Designed for quick consultation, entries are concise and factual, making it handy for the desk. Its foreword is written by Ellen Lupton.
Product Details

  • Hardcover: 152 pages 
  • Publisher: Oak Knoll Press; 1st edition (February 2009)
  • Language: English

The Concise Guide to Type Identification

by Vincent F. Apicella, Joanna V. Pomeranz & Nancy G. Wiatt

1,700 laser typefaces displayed in a tabular format with similar characters grouped together.

Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces 1960-90

by Lawrence W. Wallis

1,200 type styles compiled and categorized with sources named.

Precision Type Font Reference Guide

by Bruce Newman, Brenda Newman & Jeff Level

This guide contains the widest variety of font software available from leading developers.

Great Type Combinations

by Carol Buchanan

"100 swipeable solutions for choosing typefaces that will look great together? and how to create the right look for your clients."

Table of Contents:
1. About type
2. Newsletters
3. Ads
4. Brochures
5. Letterheads
6. Special Applications
7. Using Display Type
8. Beyond the Rules

Treasury of Calligraphy: 219 Great Examples, 1522-1840

by Jan Tschichold (Editor)

Typographics 2: Cybertype: 'Zines + Screens

by Roger Walton (Editor)