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Typographic Design

Designing with Type 3: A Basic Course in Typography

by James Craig, Susan E. Meyer (editor)

Filled with information on comping, designing with type, typesetting, and more. 175 pages, 400+ illustrations.

Designing Books: Practice and Theory

by Jost Hochuli, Robin Kinross

The Design of Books

by Adrian Wilson with Foreword by Sumner Stone

Graphics Master 6

by Dean Phillip Lem

A workbook of planning aids, reference guides, and graphic tools for the design, planning, estimating, preparation and production of typography, electronic prepress imaging, printing, print advertising and desktop publishing.

Design With Type

by Carl Dair

A great introductory book for the aspiring typographer. Perhaps a bit long in the tooth (originally published in 1952; latest edition 1982), but still a classic because it concentrates on principles rather than on the technology.

Dynamics in Document Design: Creating Texts for Readers

by Karen A. Schriver

Places emphasis on designing publications based on the actual response of readers to various possible layouts, type selections, etc. There is considerable discussion of research on legibility and intelligibility of text and graphics. 592pp., 246 illustrations.

Chapter 1: What is Document Design?
Chapter 2: Evolution of the Field
Chapter 3: How Documents Engage Readers' Thinking and Feeling
Chapter 4: The Impact of Poor Design
Chapter 5: Seeing the Text
Chapter 6: The Interplay of Words and Pictures
Chapter 7: What Document Designers Can Learn from Readers

The Design of Books

by Adrian Wilson with Foreword by Sumner Stone

Essential reading for those interested in book design. Describes Wilson's techniques and the techniques of other book designers from the traditionalists to the avant garde.

1. The Art of the Layout
2. Typography
3. Printing Methods
4. Paper
5. The Anatomy of the Book
6. Design Approaches
7. Binding
8. Jackets and Paperback Covers
9. Trade Book Design
10. Textbooks, References, and Manuals
11. Limited Editions

Digital Typography Sourcebook

by Marvin Bryan

This professional desktop publisher's reference to fonts covers all the bases, including how to find fonts, how to convert them between Macs and PCs, how to modify them, and how to use them to create professional designs.