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FontLab Pad

FontLab Pad

Use color fonts anywhere, completely free!

Use color fonts

Black-and-white movies are wonderful — but fortunately, Hollywood has discovered color many years ago. In 2013, Adobe, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have finally brought several OpenType format extensions for multi-color fonts into the mainstream. These new fonts will work natively in newest versions of Firefox, Safari, IE 11, and some other apps on Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. With our free FontLab Pad app, they work everywhere — on all versions of Mac OS X and Windows. Just imagine what you can do if you’re no longer limited to classic black-and-white!

  1. Download and install our free FontLab Pad app for Mac and Windows
  2. Download the free Ringo Blingo color font (designed by Lukasz Dziedzic) and open it in FontLab Pad! (More free color fonts soon to come!)
  3. Use FontLab Pad’s typographic controls to style your text
  4. Copy your typeset text as a PNG or export it as PDF, SVG or PNG
  5. Import the exported graphic into your favorite application — done!
  6. Open any font in virtually any format in FontLab Pad, including traditional monochrome fonts and even VFB and UFO
  7. Apply color to your text if the font is monochrome.

Want more color fonts?

  • Get TransType 4 and use the Overlay Fonts effect to turn a series of traditional fonts into a multi-color font
  • Get BitFonter 3 and design your first multi-color font



Download FontLab Pad for free

Download For Mac OS X | Download For Windows

Download free color fonts

Download Ringo Blingo by Lukasz Dziedzic