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Earn Money as a FontLab Affiliate
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Earn Money as a FontLab Affiliate
Welcome to the Affiliates Program

FontLab Affiliates

Welcome to the Affiliates program

You must operate/own a website to be part of this Affiliates Program.

You can get paid referral fees for simply linking to Fontlab. It is easy to receive between $50 ? $200 per month from Fontlab... if your site has reasonable traffic counts.

As you may already know, Fontlab Ltd. sells the #1 best font editing tools with loads of features and tools for doing most anything with fonts. It is with these products that we can establish a mutually profitable relationship. Let us explain.

By simply placing a link on your site to our website (whether it be a simple text link or a banner that we provide you), you get paid a 9% referral fee for every product sold to a customer referred by your website...paid monthly.

Here are just a few reasons to join:

  • participate for FREE! (Here's how it works.)
  • receive 9% commission on sales (up to $100+ per sale)
  • add value to your website
  • be up and running TOMORROW ? After you register, you will receive our "welcome package" email in 24 hours with everything you need
  • if someone visits our site and does not buy today, but re-visits the site anytime within the next 3 months and purchases our product, you still earn your referral fee!
  • we take care of everything ? charging the credit cards, shipping the orders, and providing any customer service necessary.

All you do is simply place links to a special URL that we provide you to track the orders.

Fontlab Ltd. Logo

What steps to take, in order to become an Affiliate Member:

Once you have read through this site, to explain the details and answer any questions you may have, the next steps are as follows:

  1. Read the Operating Agreement .
  2. Just fill out the application form .
  3. Within 24 hours your application will be approved and you will be emailed a "Welcome Package" that will give you all the details assigning you a special URL that you will use to link to Fontlab (so we can track the sales from your site).
  4. That Welcome Package will include step by step instructions on how to set up the link in case you don't understand everything, banners you can use at your site to link to Fontlab...and just about anything else you can think of that will make your set up as easy as possible.

You then instantly start earning referral fees for all sales that are generated from the visitors that purchase from our site that were referred by your site.