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FontLab Affiliates

How it works

Customers are asking for more

With thousands of copies sold, FontLab products are the definitive applications for font editing. Since the day we opened, customers searching for solutions to font problems have wondered where they could get definitive answers. That's where you come in.

You're the answer

Whether you're providing information or entertainment, people visit your website because they respect your expertise and your point of view. They also come for your help in finding further information, something you probably provide by adding links to other sites.

Working together makes sense

Customers like buying from Fontlab; we receive 'letters of thanks' all the time. They'll like buying through you because you provide the guidance they need. They also like buying because the product is available immediately (They download it right from our website.). Through the Affiliates Program, your insight combined with Fontlab's service will provide your visitors with valuable access to powerful font tools.

You'll have all the fun

  • You can write your own descriptions and reviews (for magazine oriented sites).
  • Your new referral service can be online in a matter of minutes, not hours or days!
  • Your website becomes even more attractive and helpful to visitors.
  • You simply link to us and you get paid a referral fee.

We'll do all the work

  • We take the orders on our website using our proven software and powerful servers.
  • We supply the software.
  • We handle all customer questions and requests, including cancellations and returns.
  • We completely fulfill the orders.
  • We bill the customer.
  • You simply link to us and you get paid a referral fee.

It's Just This Simple:

  1. Fill out the application form to get assigned a special URL that you can link to (so we can track your orders).
  2. Make a link from your site to the Fontlab webpage provided to you.
  3. Repeat as desired ? you're running the store now.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Sign up:

    Fill out a brief, online application form
  2. Decide how you want to incorporate Fontlab product sales into your website:|

    You might add a text link to Fontlab from your main page

    If your site includes articles, reviews or interviews, you might prefer to simply write a review on the information and let people click on a link that will take them to the Fontlab webpage

    You may wish to have our banner on your site which will link them to the Fontlab page.
  3. As soon as you receive notification of our approval, start displaying the new pages on your website.
  4. Connect to Fontlab:

    When you apply to participate, we send you an email response which includes the proper format for linking to our site. You may have only one link from your site to ours, or you may put multiple links on your site to ours.
  5. Start earning referral fees:

    Once your application has been approved, you'll automatically begin earning referral fees for sales generated by these links.

    You'll receive monthly referral fee payments.

Any questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions .

Here's the complete text of the operating agreement for your review.

Join Now ? Fill out our online application form.

Let's get started!